It’s our mission at O.W.N. Fitness to help you build the confidence to embrace your challenges, conquer your obstacles, and O.W.N. your strength!

O.W.N. Fitness is a Seattle based health and strength coaching company owned and operated by Shea Leonard Mendez. She started this training company with the belief that everyone should invest in themselves, and wanted to do her part to help educate, coach, and support those wanting to reach their health & fitness goals.

With O.W.N. Fitness Coaching, clients will receive a complimentary first session. We will discuss their health and fitness goals, go through a series of movement assessments to address any muscular imbalances or dysfunctions, and set up a plan of action to get them started.

We work with all levels of experience. Whether you’ve never entered a gym and are intimidated by the thought of weights, or you’ve been working out for 20 years and just need guidance, form correction, or accountability, O.W.N. Fitness can help you set and conquer your goals.