O.W.N. Health and Strength provides private, partner, and small group sessions. Every client will go through a series of movement assessments to determine any muscle imbalances or compensations. From there, we will discuss and define their goals, develop a plan, and get to work! With an emphasis on form, functionality, and overall education, you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals no matter which option you choose.

Individual Session– (50 minutes) Individual coaching session with personalized programming to ensure progress towards the clients goals. $150/session (plus tax) *reach out for availability

Partner Sessions– (50 minutes shared time) Coaching for two people based off of their individual goals. Each partner will have their own personalized plan.  *Both partners must be present or personal session rate applies. $75/session per person (plus tax) **limited availability

Small Group Sessions– (50 minutes shared time) Coaching for up to three clients with individualized workouts. Each client will be doing movements specific to their goals and sharing time with the trainer. 1-2/week- $450/month or  3+/week $600/month (taxes included for small group pricing) *limited evening spots currently available 

Embedded Monthly Program Design- (4 weeks) Personalized plan with links embedded to O.W.N. instructional videos. Program is designed to accomplish client’s goals based off of the equipment available to them. 4 week programming of 2-4 days/week. 3 Month Commitment Minimum for new programming clients. Price varies $300 -$350/month (plus tax)

Having trouble deciding which one would be best for you? Please contact for more details, and to set up a complimentary consult session today!