About the O.W.N. Family

Shea Leonard Mendez started O.W.N. Fitness independently in 2016 with the hopes of helping better people’s lives through physical activity. She is a certified personal trainer through The National Council of Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT), The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with a specialization in Corrective Exercise, and is a certified Strength and Conditioning coach through The National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF.)

She is passionate about what she does and wants the best results for every client. Some trainers are there to stand by while you work out and count reps, or put you through workouts based on what they want, not you.  Shea coaches you on proper form, the reasoning behind the exercise, how this movement can carry over into everyday life, and the mental side of fitness. Her dedication to her clients comes from the heart and she truly wants to provide the best chance of a happy, healthy, balanced life!

5 facts about Shea:

  • -She is married to Adrian and they have two furry children: Jack Barkins the Corgi, and Misty Jones the floopy Jindo mix rescue! (yes, they are featured on this very website and are super cute.)
  • -Shea loves cooking and baking (pies, cookies, cakes, ect.,) and will most likely talk about this, especially during fall/winter a.k.a. baking season.
  • -Her father won Mr. America in 1980 (pro bodybuilding,) and her Godfather was The Ultimate Warrior (pro wrestling,) and they are both featured on the gym’s “Wall of Greatness.”
  • -Her favorite exercise is the deadlift, but all things weight lifting are basically equal on her “favorite” scale.
  • -She will not let people speak negatively about themselves without seeing the positive alternatives. “Annoyingly optimistic” is how she describes it.

What about Adrian?

Adrian J. Mendez first became a certified personal trainer (through NASM) in June 2014 with the hopes he could assist and keep people accountable to their fitness goals. After continuing his education and achieving additional credentials Adrian strived to teach others how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while striving towards performance goals.

Adrian was originally motivated by his O.W.N. experiences and the learning and knowledge he obtained through injury, repetition, and client and personal success. Adrian’s overarching focus is quality of life and longevity for anyone he works with and coaches. It doesn’t really matter if you did it once, it is way cooler if you can keep doing it or even get better at it! Learning to O.W.N. my training and body and not just do the things I know “are good for me.”

Now that joining O.W.N. he strives to educate and teach others about human movement and how to have balance in life while maintaining performance and accomplishing other goals in life. With personal experience having bouts of success or to be match with injuries, Adrian specializes in assisting collegiate hopefuls and rolling back the hands-of-time for those looking to still seeking how much ‘juice is left in the tank.’

5 facts about Adrian:

  • Married Shea Leonard Mendez in 2017 and currently co-captain of the Jack and Misty cruise
  • Adrian has participated and competed in over 5 different sports
  • While in college for Graphic Design, Adrian was a trained Salsa dancer, Hip-Hop performer, and choreographer
  • Has coached Middle and High School Football as well as Track & Field throughout the Seattle Metro area
  • Adrian was a part of a national advertisement with 24 Hour Fitness and published in 24 Life Magazine; highlighting the benefits of working with a coach, and why youth athletes should do more than just sport specific training.

Want to know more? ASK! We’d love to share our stories of why we got into this, what we’ve learned along the way, and why we want you to O.W.N. your body, strength, and life!

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