I’m so happy to announce our second annual Push Ups for Pups Challenge! Check out our team bios and who we are helping support below! 

P.U.P. is an annual fundraiser that we have organized to benefit one of the local animal rescues in Seattle each year. I grew up watching The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, who always taught us how amazing animals are, and that we need to treat them with care and respect. We are so lucky to have them in our lives, and sometimes that means doing a little bit extra to help them out.

When I was 11 years old, we moved to a town outside of Santa Fe, NM. Our next-door neighbor was Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary, an animal rescue that saved hundreds of abandoned and abused animals each year. I started volunteering there as much as possible during the summers, and I got to help care for and rehabilitate dogs, cats, poultry, llamas, goats, horses, and pretty much any animal in need that we had space for. Even at such a young age, I recognized how cruel and awful some people can be, but more importantly, I learned how resilient our furry friends can be when they are shown love. It was always so wonderful seeing families completed by the addition of their rescued fur baby, and to see the animals have their happy ending! 

I have always deeply cared for animals, and strive to help out when and how I can. My hope for this event is that we can all come together as a community and help save even more furry lives! We have the opportunity to show our love of animals, help support the cause, and show appreciation for those doing the important work that several of us aren’t able to do. We’re doing it for the doggos, (and all other animals,) peeps! 



It all kicks off May 16th at 12pm, and goes through the end of May!


The Motley Zoo animal rescue https://www.motleyzooanimalrescue.org/what-we-do (Seriously, go check them out. They are amazing and doing such wonderful things for these animals.)


This year we have three participation options to choose from, including a new P.U.P. Team option!

-Pledge donation amount and assign to P.U.P. Team Member- Ex. “I Pledge $50 assigned to Shea.” Shea does 50 push ups, you make the donation via PayPal (shea@ownfitnesspnw.com) or Venmo (@ownfitnesspnw) once they are complete. 

-Pledge dollar amount per push up and assign P.U.P. Team Member- Ex. “I pledge $1 for every push up Shea does. Shea does 371 push ups, donation total $371.00 to be made via PayPal (shea@ownfitnesspnw.com) or Venmo (@ownfitnesspnw) once they are complete. (You can set a limit if you would like.)

-Pledge donation amount for personal push-ups-No minimum push-up requirement, donation dollar amount can be decided by you. Donate via PayPal (shea@ownfitnesspnw.com) or Venmo (@ownfitnesspnw) before 5/31/2020. 


Sign up below to reserve your spot today! No limit on number of entries, so you can hang out with us and do push ups every weekend in May! Tell your friends & family, and let’s all come together and save some animals! If you want to participate but the times don’t work for you, message me at shea@ownfitnesspnw.com and we will find a way for you to get in on the fun!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all soon!

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